Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Myths about Root Canal Treatment

The popularity of root canal has increased over the past few years, as the treatment is helpful in preventing the tooth from decaying. But it is misperceived that it can cause pain during the procedure. As a result, some people avoid getting root canal treatment and end up suffering from pain and discomfort. This means that misperception about the root canal procedure is misleading; people who are facing serious tooth decay should avail the treatment to get rid of the pain. Similarly, the dentist can guide patient in order to inform them about the root canal procedure and how it helps to manage the pain of the problems related to teeth and oral health.

The first myth about root canal treatment is that it is painful. In reality, it is not painful and it actually helps in dealing with the tooth decay in a better way. The dentists recommend this treatment for patient, who suffers from tooth decay, infections of the tissues or mouth. This procedure is pertinent for removing the tissues which are infected to relive the pain of the patient. According to a research study, people who have undergone the root canal procedure are six times less likely to get the pain. Additionally, dentists recommend the procedure of root canal to treat the oral infections.

The second myth is that after the root canal treatment, the pain can get worse, which is not true. Though it used to happen in past due to lack of good hygiene practices during the procedure, however, the new tools are sterilized properly now. Hence, the root canal procedure is suggested for removing the bacteria in the mouth. It helps to fight against the bacteria, which can harm the whitening of teeth. The use of root canal is beneficial for those who are facing dental problem in addition to the decay.

Third, it is good if you get your teeth extracted rather than going for the root canal treatment. But the extraction of a tooth will cost you more than just a tooth. In other words, the loss of teeth is not recommended because it will decrease the immunity of the oral health. In the case of tooth extraction, you may find it hard to eat certain food because your chewing power would be weak. Therefore, the root canal procedure is the best way to protect your teeth without losing it. Furthermore, the retention of you natural teeth is required for the health of your mouth and protection against any infection.

Fourth, the root canal treatment causes disease by reducing the ability of your body to fight against the diseases. This proposition was based on the poorly designed study of the Dr. Weston O. Price. It asserts that root canal treatment may induce sickness in the body. This study was discarded by researching on causes of illness in human beings later on. In the 1920s, Dr. Price endorsed the option of tooth extraction over the root canal, which is relatively a painful procedure. However, the recent studies have shown that root canal treatment is safe and it has no linkage with illness in human beings. Hence, the misperceptions about the root canal procedures are based on obsolete studies or exaggerated fears.

Some studies indicate that you need to have the root canal treatment if you have pain in your tooth. It is not true because in some cases, the tooth will cause pain but it does not necessarily mean that you need the root canal treatment. This is where the dentist can recommend the test so that it would help you to get information about the root canal procedure, in addition to getting tips for the protecting the permanent set of teeth. Moreover, patients can consult the dentist on regular basis for preventing any possibility of diseases and to save the infected tooth. In simple words, the role of a dentist in terms of providing best advice is crucial.

Some people are of the view that root canal treatment is not a permanent solution. For them, the results of the treatment are not long lasting, as it involves frequent visits. Some consider the relief of pain associated with the treatment as something short term. In reality, that is not the case because it is very effective in preventing tooth pain. The immunity of the body is strengthened with root canal treatment. And it is helpful in restoring the teeth and boosting the health of the mouth. This implies that dentist can help the patient by providing complete information and clearing their misconceptions related to the procedure.

The treatment of root canal is useful for facilitating the natural ability to maintain good dental health. It helps in defending against infections and bacterial activity in the mouth. The root canal treatment is suggested because it prevents the formation of pockets full of pus around the tooth, which can adversely affect the oral health of the patient. It some cases, it can increase swelling of mouth and neck. Therefore, the root canal procedure is used for removing these pockets of pus around the root of the tooth. The removal of an abscess is done by using root canal and it is beneficial for the protection of teeth from further damage. 

Some people consider root canal treatment as the lengthy procedure, as it requires a number of visits to completely get rid of an infection. It is not true because it is a simple procedure, which can be completed in one sitting. And the recovery of root canal does not take very long. One can recover from it within a day, especially if you follow the instructions of the dentist. In addition, it is good to take few precautionary measures in order to avoid any discomfort in the mouth. It is recommended because it is a safe procedure for removing the infections.

To conclude, the misconception about root canal treatment has caused confusion in the minds of the people. It is said that it is a painful treatment which is proven with the latest research as untrue. Similarly, it is often said that root canal treatment also induces illness by lowering the immunity of the body. In reality, the root canal procedure increases the immunity of the body by fighting against the harmful infections. The dentists can help the patient by guiding them to clear the misunderstandings about the procedure. Therefore, it is best to have adequate knowledge about the effectiveness of root canal treatment.


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  2. I was hoping you would go into the risk factors, I've had two root canals that have gone bad and rotted out.